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How to choose your Patent Attorney

Choosing a good patent attorney is essential when it comes to protecting intellectual property - your patent attorney will be with you throughout the commercialisation journey of your technology and you want them to be on the bus.
As such, when choosing a patent attorney to protect intellectual property, get the following tips in...
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Mobile App Patents

Should you patent your mobile app idea? Are mobile apps patentable? The answer is yes, and yes. Let's find out why:
Let’s face it, mobile apps are where the money is these days. As a case in point, investors are touting the Snapchat Mobile app as being worth $10 billion!

Should you patent your mobile...

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Patentec Patent Tutorial

In this Patentec patent tutorial, we’ll look at the patent process and how to protect your idea both in Australia and overseas.

Will your idea sell?

Now, before you even consider going down the patent path, you should first decide whether you should file a patent application. This consideration is...
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4 Tips to Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights

Many valuable inventions are squandered because of inadequate patent protection. Here are four essential tips for effective patent protection and subsequent commercialisation.

Tip 1. Figure out how to make money from your idea

Firstly, prior to filing a patent application, consider how you would make money from your idea. There are a number of ways in...
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