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Patenting computer implemented business methods in Australia

The Full Federal Court has handed down the long anticipated decision of Commissioner of Patents v RPL Central Pty Ltd [2015] FCAFC 177 which offers guidance as to “whether computer implemented business methods are patentable in Australia

The Background

RPL Central’s Australian innovation...
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PCT National phase deadline falling on a weekend, holiday or other non-working day

What happens if the deadline for filing a foreign patent application falls on a weekend, holiday or other non-working day?
Both the PCT and Paris Conventions refer to non-working days and holidays.

Under the PCT

If the PCT national phase deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the national phase entry deadline is the next...
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4 Tips to Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights

Many valuable inventions are squandered because of inadequate patent protection. Here are four essential tips for effective patent protection and subsequent commercialisation.

Tip 1. Figure out how to make money from your idea

Firstly, prior to filing a patent application, consider how you would make money from your idea. There are a number of ways in...
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