Client Feedback

Our individualised client attention, where we know you by name and not just a client number, is evident by the feedback our attorneys have received from clients.

Choosing your service is quickly proving to be the right move – your upfront transparent way of operating isn’t common amongst legal firms and you should be complimented!!

Ray – Business owner

I applaud your capped fee pricing policy and am more than happy to work with you on this basis. It seems to be an approach that should guarantee the best possible outcomes.

Greg, Agricultural Apparatus Inventor

What distinguishes you markedly from patent attorneys is as I said earlier is your honesty and your approach with the client in mind; much adrift from others I have met in the game.

Matthew, inventor

I’m very happy with the job thats been done on the patent. I was drawn to Patentec because of its software patent experience and from the detail in the document I wasn’t let down.

Lucas, video augmentation software platform inventor

Well done! The patent specification looks really good and thank you for getting it prepared so quickly – you have done an awesome job

Ryan – e-commerce platform inventor

I so appreciate all the time you have given me. you helped me so much with your advice and expertise and I am so grateful.

Miriam – inventor

This process has been seamless thank you.

Darleen – trade mark owner

Others said it couldn’t be done but you made it happen…

Shant – director, construction company

Thank you for your very detailed explanation and it really made me more confident.

Victor – medicament inventor

Also, would like to mention that it has been a pleasure dealing with you so far and should we have any questions we will definitely be in contact.

Tim – inventor

You seem to have gained a good understanding of the matrix concept unlike some people who have been in this industry for many years.

Garry – impact attenuation surface matrix invention

Wow, I wasn’t expecting it that fast, thank you. Much appreciate the promptness..

Evgenei – trailer apparatus inventor

Wow, I wasn’t expecting it that fast, thank you. Much appreciate the promptness..

Evgenei – trailer apparatus inventor

The surgeons I spoke to were impressed by your work and direct approach.

Mihai – Orthopedic surgeon

I have chosen to go with you from all the lawyers i have spoken to because you seemed to show a bit of a better understanding of my idea and also that you told me that you had a background in software which i think is very beneficial.

Miriam – single inventor

Thank you for you top quality epistle and your hard work!

Anda – brand owner

Thank you for the through and professional job you have done drafting this Patent for me. I am pleasantly impressed.

Richard – drone remote controller system inventor

Thank you for your hard work that has captured this in its entirety. Through out this whole process, your expertise has been immeasurable.

Ken – luggge system inventor

Ive been phoning around but it certainly sounds like I’m talking to the right person this time round.

Timo – inventor

Thank you so much, you really earn your fees.

Patrick – Inventor

Mate that is fantastic – You have made our day!

Adam – Director, software development company

I’ve been very impressed with your work

Richard – mechanical device inventor

You have done a spectacular job! Thank you so much for your fine work and care.

Ms Kadri – inventor

You have done great job with this and I am impressed that you have understood it as well as you have.

Adam – transportation invention inventor

My patent specification is very well written, and I am very impressed by your ability to understand textile terminology and knitting processes.

Bernard – medical bandage inventor

Many thanks for your professional help with drafting and submitting the patent application. It’s been a wonderful experience and I’ve learnt a lot from this process and from you.

Sidney – inventor

Thanks for going the extra mile

Graham – business owner

You’ve really been readily available

Sebastian – single inventor

The spec and drawings look fantastic. Thanks, I’m really happy with it.

Jock – surgery scheduling software invention

The spec and drawings look fantastic. Thanks, I’m really happy with it.

Jock – surgery scheduling software invention

I would express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your professional job done for me. The specification has been very well thought out and presented.

Steve – re-sealing tyre technology inventor

I’m glad to have you on my side

Martin, single inventor

Thank you for being up front about costing at the very beginning.

Trenton, single inventor

I thought I had to go to the US to find someone who new their stuff until I found you.

Stephan, single inventor

Again, thank you for your prompt, efficient and thorough handling of this matter.

John, agribusiness inventor

I liked your enthusiasm and think your positive attitude to the patent will definitely help it succeed.

Victor, inventor

I’ve spoke to a lot of lawyers but I chose you because you seemed to really have a your head around what’s involved and it seems like you do this all the time.

Kate, inventor

I didn’t expect such a thorough reply and I am most impressed.

Robert, inventor

The patent specification you drafted for us is excellent.

Jamie, inventor

Wow, that’s awesome info Nick – a thousand thank you’s.

Matt, inventor

Your description of my invention is excellent!

Richard – mechanical device inventor

Thank you for your great work on this patent!

Matthew, inventor

Great looks perfect!

Brendan, CEO

Our patent specification is pretty well on the mark, I think it’s perfect.

Damien, financial software inventor

This has been a great conversation and clearly you’re a capable person. I now have clear direction on how to move forward.

Mike, CEO

Thanks for doing a great job on the patent; I’m very pleased with the way things went.

William – inventor

I wanted to say thanks for getting things done on time, I appreciate it.

David – business owner

I’d definitely recommend you to anyone I know.

Jack – Director

Very, very good job.

Norm – Director

I have read through the patent specification and I think it’s excellent.

Patrick – Inventor

Thank you for all your help and support with this.

Dawn – business owner

Thanks again Nicholas, it was a pleasure working with you.

Roger – software inventor

I think the draft specification is done well with detail and care so I appreciate that.

Tom – inventor

That all looks really good!

Seppo – inventor

Wow that was quick! Thanks

Julia – Entrepreneur

Have enjoyed the process to date and very much appreciate your efforts.

David – skateboard truck assembly inventor

I have taken a quick look at the draft specification and am impressed!

Bill – novel construction formwork inventor

I’m very happy with your work and your advice and I look forward to working with you again shortly

Richard – Inventor, 3D display technology

Great dealing with you, and thanks for your honesty in my applications.

Anita, trede mark applicant

I can’t believe I found you.

Julie, Director, sanitary equipment company

Excellent work, I am very impressed by the depth and extent of the patent application documentation and very pleased by the fast turaround times. ​It’s been a great experience working with you.

Jan, diving apparatus inventor

My first impression of our patent specification is Wow!

Andy, car interlock software inventor

I am a very happy client, indeed.

Sheena, wearable technology inventor

Overall, I am satisfied with your work provided so far and really impressed by the level of detail the application has.

Lubos, paper technology inventor

I’m really happy with the level of service and professionalism.

Sawyer – Infant feeding technology inventor

You were extremely helpful to me and your service was great. You are always so helpful.

Fiona, Director

This has happened much faster than I was anticipating so I am thrilled!


Great to work with professionals who work so efficiently.

John, single inventor

You are good.

Diane, marketing executive

Thank you for all your help and excellent work with my project!

Sharman, toy inventor

You have been extremely helpful during the process.


My colleague highly recommended you and spoke very highly of your services.

Ashod, Founder & Managing Partner

I am very pleased with the work that you did on my behalf and would recommend your firm to anyone looking for the services you provide.

Jenise, Business owner

You were extremely accurate.

Jason, software system inventor

That’s the fastest response I’ve ever received


You’re extremely helpful and also very knowledegeable

David, headwear designer

Thanks so much for getting the patent assessment back to us so rapidly. It was highly appreciated especially with the effort you made in being so responsive.

David, inventor

Your email made my day!!! Thanks so much.

Monica, business owner

I hope you enjoyed writing the document as much as I enjoyed reading it, it’s very exciting to see those ideas materialise in that manner.

Greg, inventor

Perfect. Thanks so much.


Thank you so much. You make my day.

Mehul, business owner


Anthony, Business owner, plumbing technology

Love your work, guys!

Sheena, single inventor

You’ve offered a great service.

Andrew, Director coal energy provider

I’ve spoken to a few people and you’ve been the most helpful of them all.

Natalie, single inventor

Looks fantastic! Thank you very much for your promptness in completing this specification.

Brenton, electrical energy distribution invention inventor

Thanks so much. You’ve been awesome to deal with.

Kylie, Director

I greatly appreciate the astonishing detail and effort that you have put into this task.

Howard, turbine blade inventor

As a first timer, you gave me have me some invaluable advice which I really appreciate.

Lisa, Director

I’m really happy with what you have done with the patent.

Hugh, inventor

Your assistance made the registration of our trademark such a simple process.

Katie, brand manager

You have been a pleasure to deal with and I would recommend your services to anybody.

Steve, Company Director

Our patent specification looks great!

Aidan, Company Director, building technology

I appreciate your help and professional service which you provided.

Nick, Company Director, real estate

I would like to thank you for all your assistance and willingness to help, you have been very knowledgeable and helpful.

Hannah, mobile app inventor

I was quite impressed with your understanding of the concept.

David, inventor, virtual server invention

Thanks for answering all my questions so thoroughly.

Barbara, Director

Wow!!! I read this with my wife last night and I think you can image, the top shelf red came out!! We’re thrilled and thank you for your diligence in mediating the process.

Ray, business owner

Thanks so much for your time especially coming in on the weekend I really appreciate it.

Shane, inventor

It’s a breath of fresh air to find an attorney who understands my voip technology.

George – web-call system inventor

I think the patent description you gave is as good as it gets.

William – inventor

I couldn’t belive the amount of information you’ve put into the document, you really sucked a lot of detail out of our documents. It’s good to have people part of this who know what’s going on and you seem to know your job very well.

David – submarine inventor

We would like to thank you for your earlier correspondence, it was terrific information, when we needed it the most and it very much gave us the confidence to proceed with the concept.

Robert, inventor

Many thanks for everything Nicolas, it has been an absolute pleasure.

Francisco, co-founder

It takes a lot of pressure off to know its professionally drafted and correctly registered.

Paul, power technology inventor

I would like to acknowledge your professional approach.

Mark, mobile app inventor

Thank you for all the effort you have put into this, truly appreciate it.

Andersen, business owner

You have done a fastidious patent application.

Warren, mobile app inventor

You did a fantastic job, I just wanted to mention that to you.

Heinz – electronic pricing tag inventor

We were both taken by how quickly Nicholas understood our concept; this was followed by great advice on the best way to protect our concept.

Dean, Director, software development company.

I would especially like to recommend Nicholas for smoothing the way and providing wonderfully professional counsel.

Brian, mechanical device inventor

Thank you very much for your reply. Especially on a Sunday.

Callum, business owner

Your patent and process of information dissemination is first class

Matt, inventor

Thank you for your efforts involved with registering our Trademark. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.

Owen, Director

You have been lovely and I will happily recommend your business.


You really have made my day, I thought there was no hope in getting my patent.

Janice, inventor, floor cleaning technology

I have had a quick look over my patent specification and it sounds brilliant!!

Matt, inventor, underground monitoring station

A very pleasant surprise – well done.

Clive, director

very professional… great work!

Renny, inventor

Thanks for the quick response, that is extremely helpful! Really appreciate that!

Sidney, inventor

You make the world of Trademarks understandable.

Eric, Director

You are very informative and helpful.

Nathan, inventor, messaging software invention

That is fantastic news! I look forward to the next step having the same amount of success. Your assistance has been appreciated.

Alison, Director

Once again I appreciate the speed in which you were able to complete this.

Jim, orthotic device inventor

Thank you very much for all your hard work on this for us, we are excited that we are making progress.

Kellsey, Director

All I can say is thankfully I am dealing with you – you have been more reliable and prompt.

Stephen, CEO, mobile software application startup

Thank you for making such a helpful service, many thanks!

Michael, Founding director

Beautifully written mate

Cameron, electric insulator inventor

After everything that was involved I am now immensely happy with the outcome.

Stephen, CEO, mobile software application startup

I’ve read the documentation. It looks great! I’m happy with it. Very detailed and exact. Much appreciated for your help.

Sidney, inventor

My patent specification looks really comprehensive

Michael, facial image recognition technology inventor

I like working with you a lot.

Alla, Manager, US Forex Trading Company

Thanks for the great service I have recommended you to a few other people.


I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into this, I realise that it would take a considerable amount of time to write the specifications in such great detail.

Cameron, inventor

I enjoyed the exceptional service!


Your response to my initial enquiry & your follow up email has been exceptional. The tone in which you write is very engaging and on point.

Simon, inventor

We have used Nicholas several times now and highly recommend his people and services to any business.

Craig, Director, pool technology company

You’ve reaffirmed my faith in the trustworthiness of IP Attorneys

Glenn, inventor