Patenting your mobile app idea

Patenting your mobile app idea can allow you to save in the development costs of the mobile application, which can be $30,000-100,000 in Australia. Here’s how:

Patentec patent attorneys have extensive software development experience within industry and have previously represented a number of software giants, such as Google, Nokia and IBM in various patent matters.

Are mobile app ideas patentable?

Yes, patent protection is possible for your mobile app idea provided your patent specification is prepared properly and claimed from the correct perspective so as to be patentable.

Generally, when it comes to patenting mobile app ideas (and software in general) there are a number of objections a patent application may encounter during examination. For example, the patent examiner could say that your mobile app idea is not patentable because it is a “business method” and simply uses a computing device or is analogous to other software.

As such, in order to maximise the chances of patentability for your mobile app idea, it is vital that you use a patent attorney who specialises in software and mobile app ideas in particular.

Patent Mobile App

Patentec specialises in this field and our patent attorneys have worked in industry as software developers. Also, we prepare technically detailed patent specifications and claim your mobile app ideas from technical perspectives so as to maximise the chances of your mobile app idea patent application being considered patentable during examination.

For example, read one of our patent specifications for an international PCT patent application for a “mobile wallet” mobile app invention which was determined by the examiner to not only be patentable, but also novel and inventive.

In protecting mobile app ideas, our patent applications usually lay claim to the computer implemented method (a great broad technology agnostic claim), the server computing device (so as to find direct infringement against a provider of host server such as for web based computer software, if appropriate), the client computing device (so as to find direct infringement against the consumer if needs be) and the computer readable storage medium (so as to be able to have infringing copies removed from the Apple App Store, for example).

Mobile App Patenting Strategy

Developing a mobile software application can be expensive with prices for Australian developers ranging typically from $30,000 to $100,000 or even more depending on the type of mobile application. Also, inventors sometimes utilise foreign developers for cost effectiveness, but run the risk of having their mobile app ideas replicated by unscrupulous developers and foreign countries.

As such, in order to make a mobile application idea commercially successful, we recommend filing a technically thorough provisional patent application to provide international patent pending for the mobile application sofware. Once this is done, developers can be approached, and the mobile app idea disclosed without jeopardising your rights in the mobile app idea. Usually, one would look to get the software developer to develop the code in exchange for an equity or profit share in the eventual successful commercialisation of the mobile application.


If you have a mobile application idea, and are looking for ways to successfully commercialise your mobile app idea, please get in touch with us as we specialise in this arena and have helped many other inventors just like you protect their mobile app ideas.